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New Photos! MD4P 2015 Photo Gallery

This year’s MD4P featured a Speakers Salon, entitled: Bold Peace: From Here to Where?, and it was stupendous. We continue to received many compliments about the quality of the speakers and the dialogue.

People walked away from this year’s event more knowledgeable about the current status of the federal budget on the Hill and how high Pentagon spending levels are; the relationship between the federal budget and foreign and domestic policies; how, when, and why militarization of the police started; how to include people that are most affected by violence in our work; and what public policies ought to look like moving forward in order to institutionalize “bold peace.” You can learn more about these specifics at our website.

The 2015 MD4P Award Honorees and presenters did a terrific job, inspiring us all with moving speeches. We also honored the mothers in the room with mini bouquets of yellow daisies. And at the end of the event, we asked attendees to take out their phones and participate in an action−to Tweet, Facebook, or text a friend the following message:

“Find out why you should tell #Congress no more $ for OCO at gawand.org/pentagon #MD4P2015 @GeorgiaWAND”

Feel free to blast this out if you’re on social media!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible and supports Georgia WAND in further advancing our critical education and activism efforts to stop systemic violence and militarism.

We very much appreciate your commitment to Georgia WAND!
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