Lindsay Harper Selected for N-Sq Cohort

Deputy Director Lindsay Harper has been accepted into the second N Square Innovators Network (NSIN) cohort. She will be joined by people from across that nation with expertise in journalism, entertainment media, technology, nuclear arms control, and the arts and sciences to generate new ideas and new resources to reduce the chance that nuclear weapons will ever be used-by accident or by design. This cross-disciplinary collaboration will lead to important new technical, political, and public engagement strategies generated from allies from across industry and social impact sectors and a range of nuclear experts.
She will participate in two 2.5-day Network Meetings that serve as innovation incubators. Meetings will incorporate special guests, salon dinners, and fireside chats for deep dives into key issues, threats, and opportunities; and real-time creation of a shared opportunity map. Each cohort member will participate in working groups between convenings throughout the year.
Lindsay is honored to have been selected as a cohort member and will begin November 13-16, 2018.  For more information, contact Lindsay Harper by sending an email to