Lindsay Harper joins ProGeorgia Board of Directors

Deputy Director Lindsay Harper was recently elected to the board of ProGeorgia, a civic engagement coalition in which Georgia WAND participates. ProGeorgia supports Georgia WAND on our voter registration and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts, a crucial part of our WeCount! civic engagement program.
“Being part of the ProGeorgia board provides Georgia WAND an opportunity to continue helping to steer this very important coalition of groups working in concert to build power in underserved communities in Georgia,” said Lindsay Harper. “I’m honored that the groups around the table support me and my leadership in adding value to the board!”

Perhaps we can post a page on the website about the story, place in it more information about GA WAND’s history with ProGA (including Krista), more about PG, and our current work: working group participation, JWJ, voter reg in GA, GOTV, etc… and then more about Lindsay’s contributions to the building power work (and we can frame it in terms of our strat plan). THEN we can share that story as a stand alone on social media with a great pic. And then add a link to the story in the next weekly

More information on ProGeorgia’s work here.


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