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Reducing stockpiles will make the world safer

Rep. Tom Price’s criticism of the Obama administration’s Nuclear Posture Review for “prohibiting the development of new nuclear capabilities ... ensuring that America’s nuclear arsenal ... will grow older and less reliable” (“Limitations: A question of security,” News, April 11) fails to acknowledge substantial increases in the president’s fiscal year 2011 budget for safety, security and reliability of the nuclear weapons complex.

Rep. Price also misses the central fact that in today’s world, with growing proliferation and the threat of nuclear terrorism, the weapons themselves are the problem.

Former Sen. Sam Nunn and others recognize this fact and are rising to the arduous challenge of building a world without nuclear weapons.

As Nunn puts it in his new film, “Nuclear Tipping Point,” we are in a race between catastrophe and cooperation.

Let’s work together to mutually and verifiably reduce stockpiles, ban testing, lock down loose nuclear weapons, end production of fissile material, and take the steps necessary to build a safer world.

Bobbie Wrenn Banks, Decatur


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