Join Us for Georgia WAND’S 16th Annual REAL State of the Union

Please save the date for Georgia WAND’s 16th annual REAL State of the Union, featuring a panel of courageous thinkers, leaders, and activists to guide and inspire us into collective action. This event was born after Atlanta Journal Constitution journalist Jay Bookman uncovered the U.S.’s imperial interests behind the 2002 invasion of Iraq in an expose’ article.

This year’s event is being held in the fortuitous wake of SB 355, which was introduced in the Georgia General Assembly last week. SB 355 seeks to limit the state’s ability to continue collecting on CWIP -the Construction Work in Progress nuclear fee- to finance Plant Vogtle’s expansion now that it is many years overdue. A key point in the bill is that our public schools are paying millions of dollars toward the construction of a nuclear power plant instead of guaranteeing quality education for youth and investing in Georgia’s real future.

REAL State of the Union will bridge the national / state divide & rural / urban divide between southwest Atlanta communities and Burke County, Georgia by focusing on similarities and common policy concerns. We’ll be discussing localized management of public resources (ie taxes), green businesses, nuclear weapons policy, and the President’s budget; issues that tie not only the rural to urban in Georgia, but also the state to the national and international level.

Karen Brown-Collier, Principal of Paul L. Dunbar Elementary School

Chandra Farley, Director of Just Energy, Partnership for Southern Equity

John R. Seydel, Director of Sustainability, City of Atlanta, Mayor’s Office of Resilience

Amelia Shenstone, Regional Advocacy Director, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

With a government that invests so much into nuclear weapons and war, we have little left over to handle the environmental and health consequences of climate change (in which the South is particularly vulnerable) and its causes, not to mention the continued starvation of local communities of the public resources necessary not only to survive climate and industrial disaster but also to thrive.

We will highlight our recent report, Community Impacts at the Crossroads of Nuclear and Climate Injustices in the U.S. South, which connects the dots between energy equity, clean energy, sustainable jobs, emergency preparedness, the current nuclear weapons crisis, racial justice, and communities that are directly affected by climate change, environmental contamination, and poverty leading the way in creating and implementing solutions.

We’ll take a look at the revitalization of the Lee Street Corridor, Atlanta’s commitment to clean energy, and other solutions that build sustainability and equity into our state’s economic future both in large cities and small towns.

We hope to use this event to further galvanize community members to encourage the elected officials that represent them, including the Public Service Commission, to move toward clean, equitable, and sustainable energy, economy, and democratic public policies.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 5:30-7:30pm, Program starts promptly at 6:00pm
WHERE:  Neighborhood Church, 1561 McLendon Avenue NE. Atlanta, GA 30307
Donations Accepted: $10 suggested; no one will be turned away for lack of funds
Everyone is welcome! Wheelchair Accessible. MARTA Accessible (Edgewood-Candler Park Station) and Free Parking.

Read about the event history on our website.

Thank you for your interest in our 16th Annual REAL State of the Union!  Please click here to RSVP.