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Join Georgia WAND at the Annual Inman Park Festival Parade!

Judah_sketch 2WANDA Woman vs. Atom Bombardo and The Dread DRONE!

Calling all kids, big and small! Put on your favorite super hero costume and join us as we spread the word about Georgia WAND's mission and celebrate our work to eliminate weapons of war in this year's Inman Park Festival Parade! 

We are delighted to team up with the Atlanta Sedition Orchestra as we showcase our very own action hero, WANDA WOMAN, and her many helpers, taking on evil Atom Bombardo and The Dread DRONE!  We invite you to bring your children to fight alongside WANDA WOMAN as she wages an epic battle to defeat the Dread DRONE, who will tower above us on a giraffe unicycle, and Atom Bombardo, who will make us tremble with fear (or laughter!) as he flies past us on his giant missile. We will be providing Georgia WAND capes and 'magic' wands for kids who participate on a first come first served basis.  Please note that each child will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult!

When: Saturday, April 27, 1 PM to 4 PM 

Where: Meet at 1 PM on the corner of Edgewood and Spruce in Inman Park

We are honored to have some fantastic artists, performers, and musicians volunteering their time, expertise, and art to help us create our most fabulous float yet!

Special thanks to:
WANDA WOMAN: Jacosa Kato, Circus Arts Instructor, Aerialist
The Dread DRONE: Luke Eden, Circus Arts Instructor, Unicyclist and Juggler
Atom Bombardo: Nate Morrill, Ninja 
Julia Hill, Visionary and Puppet Maker Extraordinaire
Judah Andrews, Circus Arts Instructor, Clown, Juggler, Visual Artist
Gala Chapman, Visual Artist, Mad Scientist
Jason Blain, Visual Artist, Wood Chipper-head
The Atlanta Sedition Orchestra
And to the many volunteers who have made this possible with their time, advice, and ideas, including Chris Anderson, Bo Bradshaw, Justin Colley, Peter Ferrari, Courtney Hanson, John Johnson, Faith Marden, Micah Martin, Laurent Oget, Paul Pietschner, Eric Prather, Brandon Ross, Johnna Szegda, and Carter Thomas.

We are pleased to dedicate this project to the fantastic legacy of Sally Wylde, former Georgia WAND Board President, as a part of Georgia WAND's Sally's Puppets for Peace program. Sally Wylde was a committed and passionate activist, artist, and friend.

For more information, contact emilia@georgiawand.org or call 404-524-5999.

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