Join Georgia WAND at AFROPUNK!

Come experience an amazing lineup of black artists and visit Georgia WAND in Activism Row at AFROPUNK: Carnival of Consciousness Atlanta Edition 2018! We will be partnering with Women Engaged to advocate for equitable voting, women’s health, and reproductive rights.
Interested in earning a ticket to AFROPUNK? Join AFROPUNK Army! AFROPUNK (AP) Army acts as a catalyst for social movements, helping organizations tackle critical issues that are dismantling our communities globally. AP ARMY volunteers bring focus and awareness to issues of social justice, translating their ideas into positive action.
As part of AFROPUNK Army, Georgia WAND is calling for volunteers for our ‘Get Out The Vote’ (GOTV) Campaign. We are making phone calls to encourage people to ‘Get Out The Vote’ (GOTV) in the upcoming general elections in Georgia on November 6, 2018. You can also join Georgia WAND’s #MyCommunityNeeds Artist Edition Campaign by sharing what your community needs more than nuclear weapons and waste. Feel free to draw, design, create, speak, sing, perform, or record what your community needs.
Our communities deserve more than federal money spent on nuclear power plants that contribute to toxic contamination that lays waste to our bodies and natural environment. Instead, we need to reinvest the billions planned for Vogtle into our communities. We are excited to hear, explore and share what our members believe their community needs in a creative expression!
We cannot wait to participate in AFROPUNK and we hope to see many of you there! We encourage you to sign up and participate in either one of our Afropunk Army campaigns and join the conversation around nuclear power, the environment, our health and safety, and reproductive rights.
If you would like to volunteer and earn a ticket to AFROPUNK, you can sign up for an opportunity by clicking here.
Lindsay Harper attending AFROPUNK. Lindsay also attended the first AFROPUNK held in Paris

To participate in our campaign, come visit us at Activism Row at AFROPUNK! To participate prior to AFROPUNK, email your submission to

For more information regarding AFROPUNK, click here. For further inquiries, email