Hiring Community Organizer: East Burke County

Georgia WAND Education Fund

Open position: Community Organizer

Deadline to Apply: March 20, 2017

Compensation: $20/hour, 20+hrs a week, (part-time)


Job Description

The Community Organizer will outreach to residents of East Burke County in order to provide educational information, share opportunities to engage with their neighbors, elected officials, agency representatives, and other members of the community; listen to people’s stories; and encourage and support the community to get involved with programs related to the environment (water, land, and air), health, civic participation, and other community matters. The Community Organizer will help Burke County residents get involved with UGA Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)’s Radiation Environmental Monitoring and Outreach Program (R.E.M.O.P.), a participatory, three-year monitoring and education program supported by the Department of Energy for Shell Bluff / East Burke County residents.

The Community Organizer will serve as liaison between Georgia WAND, community members, and the Savannah River Ecology Lab, and will serve as local point person.

Position Responsibilities:

1) Listening / Educating: Making phone calls, sending letters, using social media/email, and going door to door in the community to hear from people and share educational materials about water, the land, health, and civic engagement.

2) Conducting an organizing campaign around water protection and environmental participation in Shell Bluff, Georgia

3) Develop relationships with churches, community organizations, clubs, associations, teachers, farmers, and other community stakeholders Church relationships/events

4) Helping identify community leaders in Burke County to serve on the R.E.M.O.P. Advisory Circle based on on a compilation of inputs.

5) Making suggestions to the community “pre- and post-” surveys that will help evaluate the success of the R.E.M.O.P. program. Residents will take the survey at the start of the program and again at the end of the program

6) Planning events and outreach programs where residents can learn more information, connect with the Community Organizer and Georgia WAND so they can learn about the R.E.M.O.P. program, other programmatic opportunities, and leadership development.  

7) Soliciting community participation in a series of initial meetings to discuss concerns and to ask community members to give their Input into locations and environmental media (soil, air, water, food, etc.) to be sampled by the R.E.M.O.P. program

8) Serving as a liaison between Georgia WAND, Burke County communities, and the SREL outreach coordinator for the R.E.M.O.P. program

9) Providing Input into the design and implementation of outreach education effort

10) Speaking with local officials and providing personal testimony at public hearings and meetings

The Community Organizer will be expected to generate and foster interest in the R.E.M.O.P. program and other programmatic opportunities. The Community Organizer must be able to build bridges across race and strengthen relationships with local churches. The Community Organizer will give regular feedback to the Georgia WAND team on their perceptions regarding the progress and success of the program. This is a remote position, and the Community Organizer will work on site/work from home (not in the Atlanta office).


-Operational car, driver license, and cell phone

-High School diploma or GED, and some college


To apply, send a resume, writing sample, and contact information for three references by March 20, 2017, to Lindsay Harper, Program and Communications Manager, Georgia WAND. You can send by email to lindsay@georgiawand.org; or mail to Georgia WAND ℅ Lindsay Harper, 250 Georgia Avenue SE, Suite 202, Atlanta, GA 30312. If you have questions, feel free to call Lindsay at (404) 524-5999. Thank you for your interest!