Hiring Civic Education and Engagement Consultant: Atlanta

Georgia WAND Education Fund

Open Position: Civic Education and Engagement Consultant

Deadline To Apply: October 6, 2017

Time Commitment: 20 hours/week (part-time)


Job Description

The Civic Education and Engagement Consultant is responsible for supporting the expansion of Georgia WAND Education Fund’s public education and civic engagement work, such as developing curriculum, planning educational forums, creating educational and promotional materials, and coordinate civic engagement activities: voter education, registration, Get Out The Vote (GOTV), holding elected officials accountable / educating elected officials, leadership development, and developing an equity lens. The consultant will work closely with the Program and Communications Manager, Executive Director, Community Organizers, and the Program and Development Associate. This is a consultancy position, however, there is a chance it can develop into a permanent part- or full- time position. Primary responsibilities of the Civic Education and Engagement Consultant include the following:

Civic Engagement

1) Coordinate We Count! programmatic functions, including Canvasser and Volunteer recruitment, training, tracking, and canvasser supervision, communicating election program information, and explaining election procedures, guidelines, and regulations to voters;

2) Oversee voter engagement activities, including phone banking, canvassing, mailing, voter registration drives, tabling, or other planned events (town hall events, etc.)

3) Help plan Georgia WAND Education Fund’s civic engagement for 2018 and 2019

4) Help plan, recruit, and represent Georgia WAND at the Georgia capitol for Capitol Conservation Day and other lobby days (such as Georgia WAND lobby day and ProGeorgia partner activities)

5) Support planning and recruitment for DC Days Spring 2018

6) Support efforts to address, educate, involve public officials in the Public Service Commission (PSC), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Department of Energy (DOE), Savannah River Site (SRS) and SRS Citizens Advisory Board (SRS CAB), the Georgia Legislature, Burke County Commission, the City of Waynesboro, the City of Atlanta, chambers of commerce, unions, farmers, and other counties affected by Georgia WAND’s mission.

Education, Convening, Events

1) Design Curriculum based on training topics and geographic areas; work with partners to design trainings, create training schedule

2) Define leadership development opportunities and techniques

3) Create educational materials, talking points, public testimony, blogs, and website content

4) Support national and regional convenings that Georgia WAND is engaged in

5) Support and plan educational special events

6) Support programming efforts when necessary, including making travel reservations, attending marches, rallies, events, meetings, etc; help assess overall program outcomes in order to adjust and adapt programs for maximum educational reach

7) Support the production of Georgia WAND written and design materials to be distributed to the public; WAND Weekly

8) Support formal communications and social media about equity, education on Georgia WAND’s issues and civic engagement; maintain presence on social media via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets


1) Support the fundraising work plan, namely special events

2) Adhere to grant reporting procedures

3) Support the maintenance of the Georgia WAND We Count! Calendar via Microsoft Calendar with proposal due dates, reporting procedures and deadlines, and share the grants calendar with all staff

4) Determine baseline data information for preparing goals and evaluation

5) Set up education and civic engagement records and file documents in both electronic and paper formats.

6) Review documents for proper format, accuracy, completion, eligibility, and other legal guidelines.

7) Document and improve work processes, procedures, and instructions.

8) Perform production-level computer work, which includes accurate data entry, retrieving, and editing records.

9) Complete weekly staff reports, due each Friday at noon

10) Meet regularly with the Executive Director

11) Create work plans to help prioritize tasks and move toward organizational goals

12) Insure that the history and current work of Georgia WAND is maintained through documentation of work and assure archival storage of materials.

13) Provide insight and leadership into the workings and culture of the organization

14) Evaluation: help assess overall program outcomes in order to adjust and adapt programs and events for innovations and improvements

15) Follow all document tracking and intake processes, office procedures, forms, and filing systems to improve efficiency in administrative operations


Please contact Becky Rafter for more information at becky@georgiawand.org or 678-637-3744, cell. Please be prepared to demonstrate success in the areas of focus for this consultancy. Consultancy will begin immediately.