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GOTV – A Fascinating Study of the Human Experience

By Amanda Hill-Attkisson

gotvAs the much anticipated, highly charged 2012 election looms around the corner, Georgia WAND kicked off early voter registration efforts last week. We organized eight 4 hours shifts in the Metro Atlanta area and received over 285 voter registrations.  Not bad for a steamy week mostly in the nineties and working the voter registration efforts outside of buildings on hot concrete pavement sidewalks!

From my perspective,  working with the  other GOTV volunteers was a fascinating study of the human experience. There was an interesting rhythm to each shift. It began with an early shyness, a hesitation to ask someone for anything. This evolved by the end of the shift into a working harmony with laughter and camaraderie, ease of communication and and resilience took over -  a curious mix of emotion from people and their philosophy of politics that occurred all day.

For me, I began early in the week, a tad overly enthusiastic with my initial approach that I soon learned to taper down. The reactions to my enthusiastic quires about registering to voted ranged  from,

“What does she want?"


"If I ignore her, will she go away?"

"Why does she assume I am not registered to vote?


"Why are they here?"

were not uncommon, but neither were

"That’s great!"

" Thank you for doing this its so important"

"Yes! I am registered to vote!!"


"Who are you with and how do I get involved?"

It is amazing to see people excited to register to vote who haven’t for the last thirty years and heartbreaking to see and hear the defeat and resignation of ‘it doesn’t matter anyway’.  I came away inspired to do even more, to acknowledge that progress is slow and sometimes it does appear to 'not matter anyway', and that only I can do my part in the work I see, to be the change in the world that I believe can be.

Amanda Hill-Attkisson serves as the Managing Director of Georgia WAND.  She is an experienced organizer on environmental justice and women's empowerment issues and a dedicated anti-nuclear and peace activist. She brings a strong technical background to her work, as an electrical engineer who was previously employed by NASA.

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