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Global Days of Action on Military Spending April 14 and 15!

So many Americans this time of year, are thinking about where their federal tax dollars are going and how that money underwrites healthy, safe communities and grows America’s economic strength. What many may not be thinking about is how it supports a bloated military budget that supports Cold War technology rather than what we need for a 21st Century Peace.
Year after year, the Pentagon, including nuclear weapons and war spending, consumes more than half of the nation’s discretionary budget, and the Pentagon’s budget has nearly doubled over the last decade. Yet the remaining discretionary funding that Congress appropriates each year for programs ranging from food safety, to Head Start, healthcare, and much more has been cut as budget deals and sequestration have forced austerity measures across a wide array of programs and needed investments. Cuts to these discretionary programs sharply affect women, children, people of color and people living in poverty.

That’s why Georgia WAND is participating in the International Peace Bureau’s the 4th edition of the Global Day of Action on Military Spending on Monday April 14 and into Tuesday April 15 2014. The GDAMS initiative was co-founded in 2011 by the International Peace Bureau (IPB) and the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

ive i had a trillion dollarsGlobal spending figures  reached 1.75 Trillion US dollars in 2012. After all, even if in some countries the national military budget is not so very large, oris even being reduced, it is the overall global total which is the real political and moral scandal.n coincides, once again, with the release by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) of their annual statistics on global military spending. In the USA, Tax Day actions will be held on April 15 and some groups will combine the GDAMS actions with those.

Take action! Take part in the recently launched “If I Had $1.75 Trillion…” ‘selfie’ campaign to collect your opinion as well as to create public awareness on what the budget currently invested in the military sector could be reallocated to instead. Be sure to tag @GeorgiaWAND in your post!

We also have congressional visits and calls planned! Contact Amanda@georgiawand.org for more information.

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