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Georgians gather at Shell Bluff to remember Fukushima

Several hundred thousand people across the world marched and rallied on or around March 11, 2012, the anniversary  of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan. In Georgia, Georgia WAND , along with over 50 friends and members from across Georgia headed to Shell Bluff, Georgia,  a community that lies in the shadow of nuclear Plant Vogtle and the Savannah River Site, a nuclear weapons complex. We gathered with the Shell Bluff community to  remember the victims of Fukushima , to stand with the Georgians most directly effected by the nuclear industry, and renew our commitment to our work for a nuclear free future.

The first two nuclear reactors built in the U.S. in thirty years have begun being constructed at Plant Vogtle in Shell Bluff. We joined with the Shell Bluff community and were welcomed at the Fairfield Missionary Baptist Church. As part of the day’s festivities, we shared in delicious home cooked meal and enjoyed the sunny day outside listening to presenters and musicians on stage. We heard translated stories written by in Japan, songs from members of the church, and enjoyed artistic dance and music. (Special thanks to Eliza, Jaclyn and Bill Fleming, Craig Rafuse, Joanne Steele, Tom Ferguson, Maedella and Kenyana!!)  Our special guest speakers were, Shoji Kihara, acclaimed author and anti-nuclear activist from Japan,  Brother Utsumi, a Buddhist monk from a Japanese Nipponzan Myuhoji order,  as well as Pat Carter, who spoke of her experiences during the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. Thanks to all who joined with us and shared this wonderful experience. See pictures below and video here or here.


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