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Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions advocates against new waste storage mission at Savannah River Site

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Monday, July 15, 2013


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Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions advocates against new waste storage mission at Savannah River Site

Aiken SC - Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions (Georgia WAND) staff and members will advocate against Savannah Rivers Site (SRS) receiving 75,000 tons of the nation’s radioactive waste at a last-minute SRS Citizen’s Advisory Board Waste Management Committee meeting Monday, July 15, 6 pm at 230 Village Green Blvd.

The committee, which was unable to reach consensus at their last meeting, will deliberate between two differing proposals on whether SRS should become an interim storage site to house the nation's nuclear waste for the next several decades. The full CAB will vote on the committee's final recomendation Tuesday, July 23.

Georgia WAND, and several area community groups stand in support of committee chair Ed Burke’s proposal that SRS not receive the waste, which states “Future generations of Georgians and South Carolinians will not be well served by having the Savannah River Site become an interim storage site for commercial nuclear waste for what will be an undetermined amount of time.”

"If this is an issue of consent, then it's clear communities on both side of the Savannah River don't consent to housing this waste," Becky Rafter, Executive Director, Georgia WAND said. "Savannah River Site should stay focused on its main mission, which is to cleanup, rather than open the door to more waste and the bad decisions, like reprocessing, that it is likely to encourage."

Dozens of concerned residents spoke in favor of the proposal to decline SRS as a possible interm storage site at the May full CAB meeting and the last Waste Management Committee meeting June 25.

The CAB has also reportedly received over 400 emails supporting the proposal to reject the waste.


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