Georgia WAND’s Recovery and Resistance Efforts by Natalie Herrington

Georgia WAND serves on several regional and national coalitions where we focus on emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and resistance especially in communities living in close proximity to nuclear energy and nuclear weapons plants.

Janie Hill Scott, Georgia WAND Community Organizer in Burke County, recently joined a Just Adaptation and Mitigation Policies & Practices call (a subgroup of US Climate Action Alliance). The group members expressed an interest to help those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma.  After a wonderful discussion, the group decided to compile a list of grassroots/frontlines-led organizations who 1) are working on the ground in their communities around issues of climate and environmental justice, and 2) are supporting their communities by getting resources directly to those impacted.

We are also collecting Op Eds & letters to the editors from community members, activists and community leaders about their experience and how they are helping.  If you would like to contribute to the list or submit an Op Ed or letter to the editor, please send the name of the organization with contact information if available and/or your written piece to  Your help is needed.  The next steps include working with media organizations to publish our findings.  Thank you for your support!
Ife Kilimanjaro – Senior Network Engagement Director, USCAN contributed to this piece.
(Natalie Herrington)