Georgia WAND’s Climate Report: Critical in the Wake of Hurricane Florence

At the end of 2017, Georgia WAND, in collaboration with the Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS), released a report on the nexus of climate change, the nuclear industry, and southern communities. A combination of scientific research and community expertise, the report details the effects of climate change on nuclear reactors. As it highlights the need to center communities and craft public policy that addresses jobs and jobs training, the report addresses the vulnerabilities of, and dangers to, communities living and working around nuclear reactor sites when considering climate change effects. Sustainable local economies, emergency preparedness, nuclear harm reduction protocols, funding, and public health research are also prominently addressed.
Since its release, the report has traveled far and wide, including to the United Nations and to Pope Francis in Vatican City. Ninety percent of nuclear facilities are located in the eastern half of the United States. With Hurricane Florence predicted to greatly impact the east coast, this fact is especially concerning. Climate change, including an increase in natural weather-related disaster directly impact our nuclear industries and vice versa.