Georgia WAND’s 35th Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to those who were able to join us for our wildly successful 35th Anniversary Celebration! We honored National WAND founder Dr. Helen Caldicott and had a lively and energized conversation with her.  We also want to congratulate our Mother’s Day for Peace awardees whose hard work and allyship helps move the needle on issues impacting the most vulnerable. Their work illustrates the complex intersections of an oppresive and white supremacist economy that supports imperialism, racisms, sexism, environmental injustices, fuels the rural urban divide, and further marginalizes front line communities as sacrifice zones as the asnwer to climate change. (Please see the program linked below for more information on our awardees)

Community Legacy Award – Georgia WAND presents this award to Dwayne Patterson, a community servant who has helped transform communities by empowering multiple generations to come into their power and has led by example through strategic decision making, connecting people with resources to excel, compassionate support, and activism.

Ed Arnold Environmental Justice Award – Ed Arnold was the director of the Atlanta chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility and a dear friend to Georgia WAND members for the past 25 years. Ed was passionately dedicated to fairness and justice and was fascinated by the mysteries and ironies of life. Ed was as comfortable in Washington, DC navigating the halls of Congress advocating for a peaceful and a nuclear-free world as he was walking in Candler Park or the backwoods of North Carolina where he and his companion Betsy Rivard loved to hike. Georgia WAND presents this award to Daniel Blackman, a person working collaboratively in Georgia to preserve the safety and health of the planet thereby exemplifying Ed’s commitment and determination to advocate for justice and strong environmental policies that protect the most vulnerable.  

Peace and Justice Award – Georgia WAND presents this award to Tracee McDaniel, a person who has dedicated her time, energy and passion to preserve a more just world for future generations by standing for diplomacy over war and rejecting militarism violence and oppression of all forms. Inspired by Georgia WAND’s intersectional approach, which recognizes that dimensions like race, gender, age, class, religion, national origin, gender identity, and sexuality do not exist in a vacuum, and that these markers of difference don’t exist apart from a culture of profit, domination and war, imperialism, and patriarchy, this award is given to someone who works across dimensions toward freedom and human rights for all people.

Faithful Service Award – Georgia WAND presents this award to Dr. Joyce J. Dorsey, a person who has devoted their spirit and shared their strength through long hours, many events and, of course, hard work in the service of community in order to make the world a better, safer and more just place for those that come after us.

Political Empowerment Award – This award is inspired by our We Count! voter engagement and Pentagon Spending programs. Georgia WAND presents this award to Shannan Reaze, a person committed to working collaboratively to engage in the critical issues of our time and to broaden public awareness, and action around policies in the south, especially those affecting women and vulnerable communities.

We want to send a huge THANK YOU to our sponsors, our donors, our long time supporters, newer supporters, friends, and accomplices – without you, Georgia WAND would not be the organization you see today.  Because of you, we will still be here for the next 35 years to continue working towards solutions to keep people safe from militarization of our public tax dollars and its toll on vulnerable communities and the environment. 

Peace Partner

Paul Magno

Carol Tveit

Peace Promoter

Lucinda Bunnen

Maddy Frey

Jewell & Willie Harper

Peace Producer

Joyce Dorsey

Krista Brewer and Gary Flack

Ralph Green

Stephanie Guilloud

Peggy Hendrix

Carol Williams and Rod Johnson

Beth and Jim Webster

Barbara Gifford and Jean Wright

Peace Prescriber

Dee-Jay Beard

Anne and Martin Emanuel

Peggy Hendrix

Bobbie and Rod Paul

Pat Del Rey 

Carol Sandiford

Michelle Long Spears

Another big THANK YOU to our friends and supporters The Txlips Band for continuing to show up for us. 

Please click here for the event program. And please click here to view pictures from the event (Photography by Vaughn Gittens). 

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