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Georgia WAND takes 7 women to DC Days 2014

Seven members of Georgia WAND visited Washington, DC May 18 to 21 to bring a strong message to Capitol Hill that it's time to cut funding for nuclear weapons buildup and allocate enough for nuclear cleanup, protecting the US from the community level to national threats.

While there, Georgia WAND members helped the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability release "Billion Dollar Boondoggles", a compelling report challenging the National Nuclear Security Administration's plan to spend more money for less security on projects like the mixed oxide plutonium fuel factory at Savannah River Site.

A huge thanks goes out to all the individuals who donated to help send our delegation to Washington! Your generous contribution helped seven women gain life-changing training and skills as well as bring their important voices to Capitol Hill.

The group met with several Georgia Congressmen, as well as David Huizenga, head of Environmental Management at the Department of Energy, and Allison Macfarlane, Chairperson of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

We worked in conjunction with colleagues from a dozen other states during DC Days. Together we met with more than 90 Congressional and Administration representatives. The group’s goal is to influence Congress to cut programs that fund new weapons and reactors and to redirect those funds toward cleaning up the toxic and radioactive legacy of nuclear weapons research, testing and production.

Specific to the Southeast, Georgia WAND advocated for funding cuts to eliminate the mixed oxide plutonium (MOX) fuel plant at Savannah River Site and for the safer alternative of immobilizing weapons-grade excess plutonium in a large glass matrix.

We also continued the fight to restore environmental radiation monitoring to the communities downwind and downstream of SRS. We are working closely with the Department of Energy to find creative solutions to address the monitoring issue in a way that includes the local community in a program that will be ongoing for decades.

This year’s Georgia WAND contingent included  Annie Laura Stephens, Dianne Valentin, Betsy Rivard, Arleatha Mack, Bernice Johnson Howard, Becky Rafter and Courtney Hanson.

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