Georgia WAND Squad Lobbies Under Gold Dome + Photo Gallery

On Thursday, a cohort of Georgia WAND staff and volunteers went to lobby at the state capitol alongside our allies in the the Georgia Water Coalition for Capitol Conservation Day.
We met with GA Senators in support of legislation that allows for safer and cleaner living conditions for Georgia residents.
Please take a look at some of the pics from the event: see pictures at our photo gallery here.
These are the following pieces of legislation that we urged our state Senators to support:
HB 879 will require Georgia Power and other power generating utilities to notify local communities before the water from coal ash ponds is drained into our local rivers, lakes, and streams.
HR 1041 will support Georgia’s coastal tourism and fisheries, and will prevent offshore oil and gas drilling and seismic testing
HR 158 will ensure that fees collected by the government are used for what they are collected for.
SB 355 will sunset Georgia’s nuclear tax. We thanked Senator Hufstetler for his hard work introducing and pushing this bipartisan bill through the senate.

Stay tuned for actions you can take on these bills throughout the end of session. If you’re interested in learning more, contact