Georgia WAND Builds Toward Goal of Securing Sustainable, Green Jobs in Burke County

Janie Hill Scott attended the second session of the Leadership Burke County Program for 2017, which took place on September 26, 2017. The session topics covered focused on economic development and potential influencing factors. Participants were given an overview of the Burke County Chamber functions and members, does and who makes up the chamber.  Next we moved on to state partners and their roles. Speakers were from the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Georgia Department of Labor. These speakers are state partners and defined what they do and what their roles are in economic development. The next speaker covered retail development. During this portion we looked at demographics of Burke County and discussed the needs we have in the county and the requirements for retailers to locate here.
The final speaker of the day covered local economic development and gave examples of successful recruitment and examples of what can cause an industry or retailer to decide not to locate to an area. The second portion of the day was a mock exercise in what recruiting an industry to an area like Burke County looks like. The participants were given roles that are important in the process. Janie was given the role of the Vice President of a local technical college. Her role was to explain training programs that are available in Georgia that would give industries an incentive to locate and/or expand to Burke County. She was tasked with explaining Georgia’s Quick Start program. Other roles included local officials, economic development professionals, and executives/consultants from a fictional industry looking to expand to Burke County. She found the experience to be very worthwhile in understanding how industries are recruited and the steps necessary and the pitfalls that arise trying to recruit industries to an area. Janie is looking forward to the next class and learning about education/criminal justice issues in the Burke County area. The experience has been beneficial in fostering relationship with local leaders from various industries and opportunities to meet officials from other parts of Georgia. The third session will take place on October 26, 2017.
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