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Georgia WAND applauds DOE for cuts to MOX program

For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Courtney Hanson
Director of Organizing and Communication

ATLANTA- The controversial mixed oxide plutonium fuel fabrication facility at the Savannah River Site near Aiken, SC may finally be put to bed. The Department of Energy recommended suspending work on the Mixed Oxide Plutonium fuel (MOX) program in the federal budget plan President Obama released today.

DOE has spent about $5 billion to start building the project, but the recent energy department study estimates it could cost $30 billion to finish.

Instead of the MOX program, which takes dismantled nuclear weapons and turns them into nuclear power fuel for which there are currently no customers, the DOE suggests an alternative plutonium disposal system be found.

Georgia WAND applauds the DOE on their decision. Georgia WAND Executive Director, Becky Rafter made the following statement:

"In a budget plan that disproportionately favors military spending, we're pleased to see that the administration got one thing right: axing MOX. It is fundamentally irresponsible to keep funding programs that do nothing to strengthen our economy or benefit American women and families. While Washington insiders are playing politics, the MOX program has wasted a ton of taxpayer money. We need programs that invest in communities, small businesses, education, workers and healthcare. We need a realistic transition to a clean and just energy economy. And neither of those includes MOX."


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