Georgia Senator Nan Orrock Responds: Telephone Town Hall on U.S. / Korean Peninsula Foreign Relations

I was so pleased to join in the telephone town hall for a focused discussion by expert panelists, engaging an audience of more than 500 callers who posed questions in an interactive setting on the Korean Peninsula Foreign Relations issue.  The panelists were well informed, audience questions flourished, and a genuine discussion enlightened us all.  I was so pleased to hear an informed question from one of our women legislators, Rep. Harriett Drummond, an Alaskan who is one of our WiLL State Directors in that state.
Panelist Paul Carroll highlighted the important role that Korean-Americans can play in calling for diplomacy instead of war against North Korea just as the voices of Iranian-Americans have played an important role in promoting diplomacy between the US and Iran. His point hit home as, in fact, the town hall was co-sponsored by Asian Americans Advancing Justice and Georgia WAND, and was conducted in both the English and Korean languages.  This town hall meeting offered an intersection for those working to reduce the nuclear threat and promote peaceful diplomacy in place of weapons and war, and those serving the Asian American communities in America to secure full and equal rights through civic participation.  There is a potent opportunity to build on this event, to continue this conversation, to bring these forces together, combining our efforts and our voices to better understand the history and present reality of the Korean Peninsula, and to jointly promote a peace-making agenda in the face of today’s escalation of hostile rhetoric and nuclear threat. 
The telephone town hall was a ground-breaking effort in bringing together organizations and activists that can pave a road toward collaboration, civic engagement, and peaceful outcomes for this volatile region, a road that leads away from nuclear brinkmanship and toward skillfully crafted diplomatic solutions. Our US Senators need to hear and heed these voices from Georgia, and across the nation.
Georgia Senator Nan Orrock

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