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Georgia Monitoring Addressed at SRS CAB meeting

The Savannah River Site Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) provides the Department of Energy Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management with advice, information, and recommendations on issues affecting the EM program such as clean-up and waste management.

Thanks to Georgia WAND members like you who have supported our work in Georgia and in DC to restore environmental monitoring in Georgia, the CAB addressed this important issue at their meeting on January 28 and 29.
Georgia WAND staff and members attended the meeting to respond to a presentation about SRS monitoring by the Department of Energy’s Gail Whitney and to make the case to the CAB for why the communities in Georgia need their own robust monitoring program to ensure their safety.

We also addressed the issue of community outreach and cultural sensitivity, recommending that the CAB implement an Environmental Justice committee and that they reach out to community leaders in the areas most impacted by SRS: Burke County, Georgia and Allendale County, South Carolina.


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