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Georgia justice community to honor Bobbie Paul’s living legacy

For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, August 21, 2012

Courtney Hanson, Director of Organizing and Communication
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Atlanta - Activists, artists, musicians, clergy, legislators and dignitaries from across the state plan to honor Bobbie Paul, a prominent Atlanta peace and justice activist who recently retired after 10 years directing Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions (Georgia WAND) tomorrow night, August 22, in Decatur.  “Hero. Activist. Trailblazer: A Celebration of Bobbie Paul” will take place at the Old Courthouse on the Square, 101 East Court Square, Decatur, GA 30030 on the second floor.

The program highlights Paul’s many HATs in her vast and varied work during her tenure at Georgia WAND and will feature performances from Theresa Davis, Grandmothers for Peace, Alice Lovelace, Louise Runyon, Elise Witt and many special surprises. The event is also set to launch the Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund.

“Bobbie has come to symbolize the heart and soul of Georgia WAND,” Becky Rafter, Executive Director of Georgia WAND said. “She’s shown us what it means to bring forward all of our energy, passion and drive for justice and how far we can go when we do it collectively. We are thrilled to launch the Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund and to continue working inclusively toward peace and justice in Georgia.”

In 2006, Paul led a fledgling Georgia WAND from a volunteer-based chapter run out of a church basement, into a statewide and nationally recognized organization. Her unique gift for engaging people from different backgrounds, longstanding commitment to facing the nuclear industry head-on, and artistic and creative approach are her hallmarks and helped Georgia WAND earn a solid reputation as a bridge building organization in Georgia’s progressive community and make many headlines along the way.

Under her leadership, Georgia WAND expanded across the state and even into South Carolina to advance cleanup of toxic nuclear weapons sites and monitoring around nuclear power sites. Paul spearheaded the campaign to earn a vote from Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson that led to the ratification the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START). During her tenure at Georgia WAND, Paul created “The REAL State of the Union”, a true Atlanta tradition; attended weekly stands for peace every Friday at Colony Square, a vigil that she helped found; drove hundreds of voters to the polls under the Georgia WAND banner and behind the wheel of the Central Presbyterian Church bus; and even went to jail with the Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace, calling attention to the injustice of the Iraq War onto Georgia’s young people.

Now, as she’s entering life outside of the ‘position’ at Georgia WAND but continuing to work toward the ‘mission’; as Bobbie puts is, she’s still all in, but in new ways. “I jumped in and never looked back. Now it's time to take a side step and let a new generation lead Georgia WAND to its next stage of developmen. Georgia WAND is in good hands. I have the utmost faith in new Executive Director, Becky Rafter’s leadership and all the staff’s expertise on our issues and their dedication to the work.”

“I’m not going off to the Bahamas to write a novel or anything like that. I plan to stay close to Georgia WAND and their mission and delve into creative pursuits to bring to light the stories of those impacted by environmental injustice in the South,” she said.


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