A time to break down, a time to build up: energy equity and the Southeast’s future by Nathaniel Smith

The following is an excerpt from an article by our partner Partnership for Southern Equity. Read the whole article here.
“Atlanta has a long way to go. We get less than two percent of our energy from renewable sources.
But like so much of the Southeast, we have an advantage in our tremendous potential for solar power. The hot, sunny days when our need for power is greatest are exactly the days when solar energy generation soars. It’s not hard to imagine solar panels dotting city rooftops, schools, suburban parking lots and rural farm fields, powering homes and businesses, while large-scale solar power plants help utilities keep up with demand. Imagine the difference a real commitment to solar power would make for the health and economic vitality of our region – and for all the people who call it home.
At the Partnership for Southern Equity, we know that just as Atlantans led the nation in the struggle for civil rights and racial justice in the 20th Century, we are well positioned to lead the fight for a clean-energy future that empowers us all. And it’s a model that will resonate with many communities across the Southeast.
We can build up today’s people and economy without jeopardizing future generations. We can craft a future where everyone has access to clean, affordable energy and the opportunities it brings, and can breathe cleaner air in a more stable climate. We can, once again, show the world how real progress is made.”
(Georgia WAND Executive Director Becky Rafter (far right) is recognized with four other climate leaders as “Superhero” by Mark Ruffalo (man with fist raised) at the kickoff of the ATL100 campaign)