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Educational Event- Protecting the Most Vulnerable

From January through March, Georgia WAND will be at the Gold Dome working  to pass a resolution to create a Study Committee on the impacts of radioactive tritium on women, pregnant women and children.

Join us for a community educational event Tuesday, January 10, at 6:30pm, Inman Park Methodist Church to learn more about this critical issue! Lisa Ledwidge, Campaign Coordinator of Healthy from the Start, a campaign to include women, children and future generations in environmental health standards will speak about why health standards don't protect the most vulnerable.

Ledwidge will discuss health effects of radiation and other contaminants from nuclear power plants on women and children, and what we can do to protect the most vulnerable in the population.

A community meeting to plan grassroots organizing against nuclear power expansion in Georgia will follow the presentation. Call Georgia WAND 404.524.5999 for more information.

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