Don’t Let FERC Bail Out Dirty Energy

by Emily Weyrauch
At Georgia WAND, we believe that our society and economy must transition from being based on fossil fuels, nuclear, and the Pentagon to being powered by renewable, sustainable energy sources and advancing peace.
Unfortunately, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is about to throw a lifeline to both nuclear power and coal–in the form of a bailout for nuclear and coal plants.

Here are the basics, as written by the Nuclear Information and Resource Service:

  • The DOE wants FERC to bailout power plants that have 90 days of fuel onsite (– a meaningless idea fabricated to justify subsidies for nuclear and coal).
  • FERC would guarantee the profitability of those coal and nuclear plants by charging consumers prices for their electricity that cover each plant’s operating costs, plus a “return on investment.”
  • The bailout would cover 43 reactors in thirteen states-nearly half of the nuclear industry-and over 60 coal plants.
  • The purported basis for the proposal is to ensure the reliability of the electrical grid, but the DOE’s own report published in August found that wind and solar energy strengthened the affordability, reliability, and resilience of the grid.  
But you can help!
Please join Georgia WAND, other organizations & individuals in submitting comments to FERC to urge them to reject the proposed bailouts that help prop up the nuclear and fossil fuel industries. You can send a message here.
Act quickly, as the last day to send your comment is November 7. For more information, contact