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Demonstrating Against Drones

Georgia WAND’s mission is to reduce militarism and violence and redirect excessive military spending toward unmet human and environmental needs , so it was an honor to join organizations and individuals this week protesting the international drone conference in Atlanta. Georgia WAND's Courtney Hanson spoke at a press conference to kick of the week and Georgia WAND helped anchor the protest and peace vigil on Friday, May 31, the last day of the conference. Thanks to the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition for facilitating this week of action to all the Georgia WAND members who stood up for peace this wee.

Georgia WAND opposes the US drone targeted killing program not just because it is the new face of US militarism but also because its expansion is fueled by xenophobia and racism. Simply put, the drone program is state violence predicated on cultural, racial and religious superiority. The program targets people suspected of terrorism for death by remote control without due process or a fair trial. Women, children and other civilians are often caught in the crossfire during drone strikes.

At home, drone surveillance programs are used to police, criminalize, spy on and terrorize us, most often in poor communities of color. This is unacceptable. In a culture where state violence against Blacks, Latinos, Arabs and South Asians through policing policies like stop and frisk laws are seen everyday, drone surveillance on the US Mexico border could quickly escalate to become attacks on immigrants in the United States.

It’s time to ground the drones now! Peace and justice are not attainable anywhere as long as the United States continues to proliferate drone programs used for systematic assassinations and spying.


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