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Send a Woman to Washington for D.C. Days


For the next two weeks only, Georgia WAND is raising money to support our 8-person delegation to Washington DC for the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability's annual "DC Days." Due to high demand for our trip and a myriad of issues we will address, we have created a robust schedule while on the Hill. We can't do it without you. We need our members and friends to step up in a BIG WAY!

Donate Today and be in the lead of our DC Days Campaign!

We are building on gains made over the past few years. We'll be meeting with members of Congress and key agencies and Congressional committees to help move our our mission of educating decision makers about the need to reduce violence and militarism and redistribute excessive military spending to unmet human and social needs.

We must raise $5,300 in gifts in the next two weeks. Funds will cover costs for this timely and necessary trip, which plays an important role in our wins! We've gathered a wonderfully diverse group of people that represent our issues and are doing so with experienced folks and new energy. Your Georgia WAND delegation consists of Atlanta-based staff, board members Dianne Valentin and Cee' Cee' Anderson, Shell Bluff resident Lillie B Wilson, and students Krunal Patel from Georgia Tech and Imani Crenshaw from Spelman College.


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