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CTBT On the Horizon–Let’s Start Now!

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) is a global ban on all nuclear weapons explosions on the earth’s surface, underwater and underground. Banning these test explosions drastically reduces any chances of developing new nuclear weapons technologies and programs.

With the administration now pursuing a quiet effort to engage and educate on the CTBT to help lay the groundwork for eventual Senate reconsideration and approval, there will be a few opportunities from time to time to make points about the value and the wisdom of Senate reconsideration and ratification of the CTBT. Let’s start now!

With recent press coverage and op-eds in the Columbus Post-Dispatch, LA Times, and Associated Press, NOW is the time to build momentum and raise awareness on this vital treaty via letter’s to the editor, blog posts and more!

Want more information on CTBT? Check out National WAND’s CTBT Fact sheet—everything you need to know about the treaty.

Need tips on writing a letter to the Editor or Op-Ed? Use the  Project for the CTBT’s LTE Tip Sheet, sponsored by the Arms Control Association, for tips, tools and guidance.

Letters to the AJC can be sent to letters@ajc.com

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