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Crude Awakening Rally and Press Conference

Local students used the six month anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig explosion to send strong message against high risk energy Wednesday, October 20, when they gathered on the State Capitol steps for a rally at and press conference, sponsored by Georgia WAND, Sierra Club, and the Southern Energy Network.

Speakers asked candidates and elected officials to vote in favor of Amendment 4, which would authorize state multiyear contracts for energy efficiency and conservation projects and create hundreds of new jobs in Georgia. After the event, the students collectively marched to the polls for early voting at the Fulton County Government Center.

The youth event, which they coined Crude Awakening, was one of 12 rallies happening in the region and drew support from many seasoned area activists.

“These young organizers are masterful at sniffing out hypocrisy and placing the oil disaster blame squarely where it belongs - on BP.  They're angry and fed up with broken corporate promises of a cleaner and safer tomorrow.  I'm proud to walk with them,” Bobbie Paul, Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions Executive Director said.

The BP disaster was the largest accidental oil spill and hisotry. It alerted voters young and old to the dangers of offshore drilling and the risks of other forms of dirty energy extraction.

Now, voters are calling for the United States to implement strong policies for all energy sources in order to keep workers and communities safe and the environment clean. They advocate a clean energy future; one that creates millions of new jobs, is safe, and protects us from global warming.

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