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Community Meeting in Shell Bluff

Many local residents from the rural Shell Bluff community in Burke County and over 60 people from the Atlanta area who arrived via bus attended a community meeting at Shell Bluff’s Fairfield Missionary Baptist Church Saturday, January 7.

The meeting, called by the Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda and Georgia Women's Action for New Directions, began with a luncheon, and featured speakers the Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, Bobbie Paul, Georgia WAND Executive Director, Helen Butler, Southern Christian Leadership Conference Executive Director, Rita Jackson Samuels, lifelong civil rights activist, Annie Laura Stephens, Georgia WAND organizer, Reverend Willie Tomlin, Reverend Peter Parker, Reverend Charles Utley and Bettieanne Hart.

Shell Bluff residents also spoke out, telling their stories and expressing many worries about the condition of their land as well as health and safety of themselves and their neighbors. The safety of drinking water, outdated radios used for safety alerts from Plant Vogtle, the tough choice between a job at the plant or being sick, questions about why so many people are dying of cancer were among concerns raised.

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