Community Leaders across Georgia Converge in Atlanta to Kick-off National Climate Justice Tour

Community Leaders across Georgia Converge in Atlanta to Kick-off National Climate Justice Tour
For Immediate Release, August 24, 2018, Atlanta, GA: Georgia WAND Education Fund, Inc (“Georgia WAND”) hosts “JUSTRAVAGANZA”, an electrifying town hall-style event.
“The Justravaganza platform allows us to elevate people across Georgia living at the margins to the international stage as leaders and champions,” says Lindsay Harper, Deputy Director of Georgia WAND.
Justravaganza kicks off the national “Freedom to Breathe Tour,” which is heading to San Francisco, California, for the September 12-14 Global Climate Action Summit. Justravaganza also features the final stop of the 2018 “Justice First Tour,” wrapping up stops in 20 cities in 11 southern states, raising awareness about the need to center justice in energy equity and sustainability conversations.
“This is an exciting day as solutions for the world’s most complex challenges are coming from places like Georgia,” Lindsay Harper, Deputy Director of Georgia WAND, says. “It’s electrifying how the Freedom to Breath Tour is feeding off the energy and success of the Justice First Tour.”
“Georgia WAND is an organization that links people and issues, rural and urban, for positive social change,” Harper goes on to say.
The Freedom to Breathe Tour bus is beautifully wrapped. There are reporters on the bus for the entire tour.
In addition to voter education, Georgia WAND will be offering voter registration and materials, including how to access our 2017 report, Community Impacts At the Crossroads of Nuclear and Climate Injustices in the U.S. South.
This FREE community event will have delicious refreshments from Two Pieces of Toast and a photo booth.
Who: Georgia WAND Education Fund, Inc.
Featuring: The kick off to Climate Nexus’s “Freedom to Breath Tour”, and the last stop of the “Justice First Tour”, supported by New Alpha Development Corporation, the Sierra Club, Dogwood Alliance, GreenFaith, and the US Climate Action Network.
Speaker Line-Up:
Welcoming Remarks – Jumana Master, Nuclear Harm Reduction Program Associate, Georgia WAND
Justice First Tour Summary – Rev. Leo Woodberry, New Alpha Community Development
Greetings & Reflections from the following:
  • Shell Bluff, in East Burke County, GA “aka The Country”, home of nuclear power Plant Vogtle – Annie Laura Howard Stephens
  • Burke County in East Georgia – Janie Hill Scott, Community Organizer with Georgia WAND
  • The Yamasi Tribe in Central Georgia – Lori Johnston
  • Georgia House of Representatives Dis. 60 – Representative Kim Schofield
  • Dunbar Elementary School, Neighborhood Planning Unit-V – Ms. Michelle Walker, Project & Engagement Facilitator
  • Neighborhood Planning Unit-V and the Annie E Casey Foundation Atlanta Civic Site – Stephanie Flowers
  • The Faith Community – Rev. Gerald Durley, Georgia Interfaith Power and Light
  • The Activist Community and Regional Leadership – Glory Kilanko, Women Watch Afrika and the Southern Movement Alliance
  • The Activist Community – Ms. Bernice Bass and Bobbi Paul, Atlanta Grandmother’s For Peace
  • Local Environmental Justice Organization, Erica Holloman-Hill, Westside Atlanta Watershed Alliance
  • Grassroots Climate Advocacy Organization – Flannery Winchester, Citizens Climate Lobby
  • Activist Community – Shannan Reaze, Atlanta Jobs with Justice
  • Activist Community – Tatiana Lima, Racial Justice Action Center
  • Local and Regional Equity Leadership – Chandra Farley, Partnership for Southern Equity and Advancing Equity and Opportunity in the U.S. South
Overview and Goals of the Freedom to Breathe Tour – Bartees Cox, Climate Nexus
Wrap Up and Synthesis- Lindsay Harper, Deputy Director, Georgia WAND
Performances By: Dara Carter of The Txlips
When: Saturday, August 25, 10:00am-12:30pm
Where: Dunbar Recreation Center, 477 Windsor Street SW Atlanta, GA 30312
Wheelchair accessible *** Refreshments provided **** Family-friendly
The Freedom to Breathe Tour, hosted by Climate Nexus, is a cross-country bus tour that spotlights injustice and elevates the stories of Americans advancing solutions. Fueled by the climate change challenges and the need to ensure that climate solutions include all Americans, Freedom to Breathe invokes the Freedom Riders of the 60’s in a call-to-action for people throughout the country to confront the racial, social, economic, and climate challenges that America faces today.
The Justice First Tour is a product of a collaboration between the New Alpha Development Corporation, the Dogwood Alliance, and is supported by the Sierra ClubGreenFaith, and the US Climate Action Network.