Community Advisory Council (CAC) Interest Meeting Held at Waynesboro City Council Building

Georgia WAND Education Fund, Inc. (GA WAND) in collaboration with UGA’s Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL) hosted a Community Advisory Council (CAC) Interest Meeting, on Thursday, July 13, to provide information about the purpose, time commitments, and functions of the group. The CAC serves as an advisory council to the Radionuclide Education Monitoring and Outreach Program (REMOP), which is to develop a participatory environmental sampling program and education curriculum that evaluates and responds to the concerns of the residents of these communities regarding the risks that radionuclide contamination in the environmental may pose to the health and well-being of downwind and downstream communities.
One of the most important responsibilities of the CAC will be making a recommendation of where to place a new air monitoring station in Burke County. Interest meeting attendees received information from GA WAND about the history of Burke County, especially Shell Bluff, Georgia’s 1976-2002 radiological environmental monitoring program, and air monitoring station readings (from previously erected stations, now removed, around the county).  SREL presented information about REMOP goals, project outcome expectations, and the community education curriculum for the first talk, entitled “Introduction to REMOP and the Scientific Method,” scheduled for July 24th, 2017 at the Burke County Library, the content of which will be repeated at 9am, 10am and 7pm in the library’s large conference room.