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Charlottesville Response: For the White People in My Life… by Becky Rafter

August 21, 2017

At the end of this post are several actions you can take in the wake of Charlottesville, including Georgia Resists: Take Down White Supremacy. This post is for the White people in my life. In order to extricate racist, inhumane practices from the fabric of U.S. culture, White people must recognize that we are not […]

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Should Hanford Nuclear Accident be a Wake Up Call for the Southeast?

Should Hanford Nuclear Accident be a Wake Up Call for the Southeast? The May 10th 2017 accident at the Hanford Site, a mostly decommissioned nuclear production complex in Washington state, exposes several urgent risks. It demonstrates this country‚Äôs failure to adequately manage and store the vast amounts of nuclear waste present in America in its […]

Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions (GA WAND) Responds to Senator Lindsey Graham’s Comments about a Potential Preemptive Nuclear Strike Against North Korea

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 24, 2017, Atlanta, GA: Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions (Georgia WAND), formerly Women’s Action for Nuclear Disarmament, responds to U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent remarks about striking North Korea with a nuclear bomb, by saying “there is no more ‘over there’ and ‘over here’.” Lindsay Harper, Program and Communications Manager […]

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