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Carbon Free, Nuclear Free Campaign

Georgia WAND is member of the Carbon Free, Nuclear Free Alliance. We believe in a renewable, greener future for US energy policy. One that will not have to rely on the three poisons:

Coal, Oil, and Nuclear (Uranium)

You can be part of the project of building the world you want to live in! Join our Georgia WAND Nuclear Committe and start working on what matters to you, by changing your local energy source, getting your voice heard, or influencing national leaders.

Statement from Carbon Free, Nuclear Free (CFNF) Campaign

We hear over and over again that we need to nuclear energy to prevent climate change—but it just isn’t true.
The Carbon-Free Nuclear-Free Alliance has come together to promote the ways science and economics prove
a carbon-free nuclear-free future is possible, practical and urgently needed.

We are working together to create the world we want to live in—not a world of exchanging one huge problem for another, but a sustainable world, built on clean, renewable energy. We have a plan for how to get to that world, and we are working every day to build that world—at the local, state, regional and national levels. By building the strongest US climate policy, we are also helping the US lead the world in climate change in the most positive sense—by example.

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