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2015 Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund

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Greetings from Georgia WAND,

I am humbled to share how your financial support and endorsement have led to our many successes and strong positioning. To continue moving in the direction of success, and taking forward thinking and strong, progressive positions, we must ask for your help.

Thank you for supporting Bobbie and the Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund. We are effectively advancing a new approach to fulfill Georgia WAND’s critical mission.

The Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund was established in 2013 to honor the vision and establish a funding source to continue the work of Bobbie Paul, the first executive director of Atlanta WAND. Over the course of 35 years, crews of bold, talented women built a solid foundation for the organization. For 13 of those years, Bobbie and her teams led Atlanta WAND to incorporate as a 501(c)(3) and change its name (and scope) to Georgia WAND, embarking on path to becoming an anchor social justice organization in the state.

Today, we’re tackling the effects of nuclear weapons and energy on our society and climate and the root causes underlying the militarization of public dollars. We’ve sharpened our focus. And we’re gaining ground. Our approach pursues strategies that enhance and underscore Georgia WAND’s commitment to social change and racial justice.

buttonTo stop the weapons, we must start in community.

People who face the systemic oppression of nuclear production in their backyard know best the solutions to the problems because they face them every day. So Georgia WAND is working with regular people to enhance community awareness, create unified efforts, and increase electoral power.

Building on Bobbie’s commitment to working across racial differences, we are advancing solutions to partner with community members who are directly affected by nuclear reactors. It’s not enough to simply involve people from the frontlines; rather, they must lead the way.

need your support to help educate and develop leaders in frontline communities.

The frontline buttoncommunity is Shell Bluff

Georgia WAND’s work, at the intersection of nuclear production and social change, is located in Shell Bluff, Georgia. Experts call this “place-based” work. Bobbie first alerted Georgia WAND to the environmental contamination in Shell Bluff from Savannah River Site (SRS), a nuke weapons compound, and Plant Vogtle, an expanding nuclear power reactor site. Shell Bluff is downwind and downstream from both nuclear complexes due to the flow of trade winds, as well as the flow of surface and ground water.

Shell Bluff residents have lived with elevated levels of tritium (radioactive hydrogen) and other nuclear contaminants in their water and air for a long time. For the 65+ years that SRS has been mostly secretly creating nuclear bomb parts and the 35+ years that reactors at Vogtle have been operating, massive amounts of undisposed radioactive waste have polluted the community. At the same time, they’ve noticed increased cancer rates, unemployment rates, “youth-flight”, economic decimation, commercialization of farmland, and other public health problems.

Shell Bluff is the one of the only communities in the nation that has a nuclear weapons plant and a nuclear power plant in such close proximity. The nuclear industrial complex’s heart beats in East Georgia. We must build a base of people to stop it in its tracks.

This year, the Bobbie Paul Livinbuttong Legacy Fund will support the Georgia WAND Whistle Stop Tour: Year One and the Shell Bluff Storytelling Project. 

The Whistle Stop Tour is a series of events in the Metro Atlanta area and in Burke County, Georgia, with future plans to take the Tour to towns along the Savannah River down to Savannah, GA; to towns along the coast and on Georgia’s islands; and up the Altahama River, where nuclear power Plant Hatch, is sited.

We are targeting areas where people are directly affected by nuclear production. We have support from our coalition partners, including ProGeorgia. Georgia WAND sits on the ProGeorgia Women’s Working Group. We will target female voters in the areas using data from ProGeorgia that is overlaid with public consumer data. And we will partner with local organizations to host us.

The Storytelling Project is an artistic platform where people from Shell Bluff can tell their stories of how the reactors and environmental contamination have affected their lives. First, we will produce a promo video that can be used to help raise awareness and to attract funding. A longer project, where more voices are included, will give people in Shell Bluff a tool to help build a larger community of support in the region and to tell their stories in their own words.

Your investment in Georgia WAND will transform Shell Bluff and the nuclear industry.

Education from the tour and story documentation will spur civic engagement as people take their new knowledge to the polls and to their representatives (both rural and urban) to hold decision makers accountable. These projects will also help us start building a larger base and mobilizing outside metro Atlanta; to shore up our support in Atlanta; and to engage more young women and women of color in our work.

The videos will help our strategic communications, and in turn, our reach and building our brand. We will add new stakeholders to our email listserve; we will train Shell Bluff residents and develop leadership; create and distribute educational pamphlets and materials; and provide opportunities for action to our statewide base.

buttonThe train is ready. Will you help us make this tour happen in 2016?

Funding will support the following project budget:

Videos: Short Promo and Longer Documentation $12,500
Creating Whistle Stop Presentations $  5,000
Travel $  8,000
Program Management and Shell Bluff Organizer $ 35,000
Food $  6,500
Venue Rental $  5,000
Audio/Visual Rental $  8,000
Follow Up (Meetings, Visits, Letters, Calls, etc) $  2,000
Communications Consultant/Part-time Staff $ 20,000
Paid Media $  2,000
Database!!! $  8,500
Tour Partner Development $  2,500
Overhead $ 22,000
Printing and Graphic Design $ 10,000
Stipends $  4,000
Postage $  5,000
TOTAL $156,000

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