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Georgia WAND Seeking New Board Members!


About Georgia WAND

Georgia WAND Education Fund (Georgia WAND) is seeking nominations to join our Board of Directors. Georgia WAND is a grassroots, women-led, statewide organization that uses education, advocacy, leadership development, and coalition work to further racial justice, peace, environmental justice, civic engagement, and nuclear abolition. Georgia WAND's mission is to educate the public and decision makers about the need to reduce violence and militarism and to redirect excessive military spending to unmet human and environmental needs.

Georgia WAND centers out work in communities directly affected by our mission; we see this as a just approach to work as well as the most effective way to create change and to shift the balance of power. Our work takes us from Atlanta, GA to Burke County, GA and beyond.  We are building a statewide network of concerned residents who can help carry the torch of this work on their own behalf. We focus on developing people as leaders who can speak out on their behalf.

Georgia WAND is a multiracial, intergenerational, cross-geographic, and cross-class organization; and we are recruiting board members who are willing to bring their unique commitment to this challenge.  We encourage people to apply who wish to advance (or learn more about advancing) racial justice, gender justice, rural justice, peace, civic engagement, and environmental justice as key components to long-term change in Georgia.

Serving on Our Board of Directors

We are in need of board members with skills in many areas, including fundraising, financials/accounting, information technology, legal, and program development. We plan to institute a board member give/get/volunteer policy but as yet it is not in place. Board members are expected to serve on two committees each, which meet in between bi-monthly board meetings. Estimated total time commitment required is four hours per month on average, and length of board service term is three years.

Please submit nominations to the Georgia WAND board (either for yourself or someone you know) by February 17 via this form.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application!

Contact Us

Georgia WAND Education Fund, Inc.

250 Georgia Avenue SE
Suite 202
Atlanta, GA 30312

404-524-5999 - phone


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