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‘Big Bets’ = Big Losses, Protestors Gather at SoCo film

Georgia Women's Action for New Directions along with a coalition of concerned residents, ratepayers, environmental activists, parents, grandparents and students will demonstrated outside of the premier of Southern Company’s biopic “Big Bets”  on July 16, 1:30pm at the Fox Theater, 660 Peachtree Street NE.

The action was part of a growing national movement to Stop Plant Vogtle.

Demonstrators gathered to drum, chant, pass out literature and perform street theater.

Georgia WAND’s Joshua Richeson, dressed as a billionair Southern CEO declared   “I pollute your air, and when you can’t breathe, I don’t care, I’m rich!” as pedestrians and Southern Company employees passed by. ““Give me your money, pay your bills! I’ve got vacations to take! You poor, you workers, you losers! Why am I here, ugh, it’s hot! Did I miss the meltdown, hahahaha! Oh and you do-gooders, I couldn’t pay for better entertainment, hahahaha! Losers!”

A banner dropped from the 9th floor balcony of a building across the street declared “Stop Plant Vogtle” and caught the attention of the hordes of Southern Company staff that were bussed in for the film.

Southern Company’s poor record of staying on budget, current cost overruns on the Vogtle Project, the fact that  ratepayers and taxpayers are being forced to foot the nuclear bill, high cancer rates in the communities near the plant, environmental racism and the early glitches in construction are among the many grievances the coalition to Stop Plant Vogtle lists.

The case against Voglte started in Georgia, but it’s spreading quickly. Plant Vogtle is ground zero for new nuclear in the U.S. It’s success, or impending failure, will decide the future of nuclear expansion in the rest of the nuclear industry.


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