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Betsey Miklethun: The Benefits of Solar Energy for the Planet, the Economy, and Your Wallet!

Joshua Barclay is one environmentally savvy guy!  He teaches Environmental Studies at West Bloomfield High School in suburban Detroit. He and his wife, Mary, have a solar collector on their six acres of land near Ann Arbor, Michigan. This provides them with all the renewable energy they need and then some.  About a year and a half ago, when his father, (who was also an avid environmentalist) died, Josh suggested a solar collector be erected in front of the West Bloomfield High School as a memorial to his dad.  This newly functioning solar array, not only provides power to the school, but is a fitting memorial to his father, Dr. Mel Barkley.  It is also a visual testimony to renewal energy for everyone driving by the school. You’ll see Josh and Mary in these two film clips that they’ve produced.  You’ll also find them very informative and helpful if you are interested in saving electricity and having a sustainable planet.


Betsey Miklethun is an active member of Georgia WAND and is a dedicated Stand for Peacer, participating in a peace vigil every Friday at Colony Square until troops are sent home from Iraq and Afghanistan. She is a member Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace and was arrested with the group when they went to a recruiting station in an attempt to be recruited and save young men and women from enlisting and being deployed to wars overseas.

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