Becky Rafter to serve on Women Impacting Public Policy panel

On November 8, the National Task Force Against Domestic Violence is hosting a panel of nationally and locally acclaimed women’s rights leaders, including Georgia WAND’s own Becky Rafter.
The panel is nonpartisan and includes women with diverse roles and diverse backgrounds. It aims to set the pace for engagment in the 2018 legislative session the day after election day.
The focus will be on issues that intersect with Georgia WAND’s work in a variety of ways: from equitable pay to healthcare to sex trafficking to domestic violence to veterans.
“This is a uniting, unified effort, as a collective, mobilizing moment in our nation’s history,” said the Task Force Against Domestic Violence founder Pastor Sabrina McKenzie. “As leaders, mothers, and sisters — whether we are Jewish, Asian, Hispanic, Black, White, Democrat, or Republican — we all face the fact that data regarding women and their rights are not included to the same degree as corporations, lobbyists, and special interest groups.  We are committed to impacting legislation, and political dialogue across America in 2018.”
Registration is free, and can be done online here.