Becky Rafter Selected for Rockwood Leadership Program

Georgia WAND Executive Director Becky Rafter was selected as a 2017-2018 Leading from the Inside Out Yearlong Fellow at the Rockwood Leadership Institute.
Rockwood is a prestigious leadership program for senior executive leaders to build leadership skills while collaborating with other leaders across issue area, political and organizing orientation, geography, and background. It focuses on work/life balance, leading effectively, and taking time for practicing self-care and egalitarian leadership.
As a Fellow, Becky be participating in three week-long retreats throughout the year–starting this upcoming week Nov 12-17. She will be working one-on-one with a leadership coach, learning from new resources and processes that she can bring to Georgia WAND, and receiving support from Rockwood all year. Through the training, fellows will learn and develop concepts of communications, accountability, conflict-mediation, self-care, and organizational change. Several of Becky’s colleagues filled out a 360 degree evaluation to help her understand from an outside opinion where she can hone in on places for growth and where she can celebrate strengths.
This program will help to expand the possibilities of Georgia WAND’s work of educating and organizing for environmental and racial justice, and will strengthen our connections as a team and in coalition with other groups. For more information on the fellowship and the other yearlong fellows, check out Rockwood’s website here.
For more information, write to Becky: