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Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace Meet with Senator Isakson

On Friday, September 17, the Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace - Georgia WAND members - met with Senator Johnny Isakson and staff just a day after Isakson notably voted in support of the New START Treaty. Betsy Rivard, Betsey Mikelthun, and Doris Benit got the opportunity to thank Senator Isakson in person.

"It was the right thing to do," Isakson told them.

After the meeting, a larger group of Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace and Georgia WAND members gathered at Colony Square to Stand for Peace, a weekly peaceĀ  vigil started in August 2002. Al Viola captured the event as the Grandmothers and other Georgia WAND activists posed for an upcoming peace calendar from the Grandmothers. To see more of his pictures, click here.

Join Georgia WAND this week at Colony Square, on the corner of Peachtree and 14th Streets, as Stand for Peace continues until the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq end and our soldiers return home.

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