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Another non-proliferation nightmare: Nix MOX!

Last Thursday, May 31, Tom Clements, Nuclear Non-Proliferation policy director for Alliance for Nuclear Accountability and a strong Georgia WAND partner spoke to congressional staff about a wasteful expenditure of taxpayer money - the MOX Plant at Savannah River Site in neighboring South Carolina.  For eight years Georgia WAND has worked to defeat the funding for  MOX (mixed oxide fuel). A MOX plant would take weapons-grade plutonium from old nuclear bombs and turn it into hot plutonium fuel to run in commercial nuclear reactors - something our nation  promised years ago that we would never do!

Creation of MOX fuel reinforces a plutonium economy that is dangerous, dirty and unnecessary.  MOX is certainly one Department of Energy project that could easily be eliminated during this season of federal funding shortfalls and hard fiscal choices.  Want to know why MOX is such a bad idea and why Congress could save $4.9 billion by cutting it?  Click here for the  latest blog on MOX by our friends at POGO (Project on Government Oversight) to find out!

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