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Amanda Hill Attkisson: Stop! Hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down.

It's your voting rights!

If you haven’t been following the debacle of the most recent special session of Georgia State Legislature, you might have missed your chance to protect your right to vote for your candidate of choice. The current redistricting maps dreamed up by the majority party have drawn some pretty audacious lines, segregation by race population, meaning that black majority districts get a black candidate and white majority get a white candidate regardless of any coalition building on local issues or multi-interests of the population that fall outside the realm of skin color.

This legislation has flown past the usual and disgraceful destination of partisan politics and landed in an even worse destination – blatant racism. I think Senator Jason Carter said it best in his allotted speaking time on redistricting during session. He clearly outlined that the new district maps are attack on the Voting Rights Act, nothing less.

The danger in this grand redistricting scheme is the ultimate goal of the majority party players. They want a two-thirds majority rule, if they get it they can change the Georgia constitution - they can cut funding and pass anything, just like they’ve done with these redistricting maps.

What can you do? It’s already done, right?  NO ! This battle has just begun. It will go to the federal courts now and elected officials need to hear from us. Write the Department of Justice and the State Attorney General.  Write a letter to your local newspaper and your representatives, get educated, get your voice heard, and make your vote count!

Amanda Hill-Attkisson serves as the Managing Director of Georgia WAND.  She is an experienced organizer on environmental justice and women's empowerment issues and a dedicated anti-nuclear and peace activist. She brings a strong technical background to her work, as an electrical engineer who was previously employed by NASA.

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