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Alexandria Robins: We Count!

Last weekend while participating in the recording of Georgia WAND’s “We Count!” PSA*, we all felt a little nervous before appearing before the camera. Despite the initial fear- you comprehend as you speak the words “We Count!” in your most confident voice, how big of an impact you can really achieve.

It took seventeen women to produce the PSA; all of whom came from different backgrounds, ages, and political positions. Each one of us as we approached the lines grew continually more confident as we said the empowering words, “We Count.” “We Vote.” After all- we did count and we do vote in order to progress ourselves as an undivided body of people aiming for the same causes.

However, the beauty of producing the PSA was the realization that as our voices arose, they would give strength to those who have yet to find it within their own voices. At the closing of the recording, we all felt like we could conquer anything. That is the platform of “We Count!” after all… to know that your voice is strong, confident, and influential. 


Alexandria Robins is a senior at Chamblee Charter High School. She is an active participant in Georgia WAND's We Count! Campaign, most recently joining us on a trip to Washington D.C. for the National WAND Conference and to speak with our legislators about national and local issues.


*Look for the We Count! PSA in the coming months as we gear-up to mobilize voters for the 2012 elections and inspire young women to become politically active outside of the polling place, on issues they care about.



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