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AJC’s Cynthia Tucker on Defense

This past week's political commentary from Pulitzer Prize winning author and AJC columnist Cynthia Tucker, highlighted criticisms of the current management of the Federal Budget, particularly the Department of Defense.  Just recently the House voted on the Department of Defense budget for fiscal year 2010 totaling a staggering $726 billion, $62 billion more than the current administration requested. Tucker's commentary fortifies WAND's mission of reducing militarism and violence and redirecting excessive military spending towards unmet human and environmental needs. As Krista Brewer, Georgia WAND Board President, points out, “our bloated defense budget is not keeping us safer. The two wars are not only creating more U.S. enemies around the world, but also funding these wars is bankrupting our federal budget...our defense budget needs serious cutting.” Currently, the U.S. spends more on its military budget then the rest of the world combined; the military budget accounts for 23% of the overall budget, compared to Medicare/ Medicaid and Social Security at 19% and 20% respectively. To read Cynthia's full article, click here.

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