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Action for Justice for Trayvon Martin


  Statement from Becky Rafter, Executive Director of Georgia WAND:

‘Because the jury who decided the verdict on Trayvon Martin’s killing was majority white; because white people perpetuate our society’s culture of racism in small and big acts every day; and because Georgia WAND is an organization that calls for peace, justice and a new distribution of power, it is imperative that we as members of Georgia WAND are more explicit about the role racism plays in the injustices we address. We must be more  deliberate in advancing an intersectional approach to our work, such as women’s political empowerment and the systemic voter disenfranchisement of people of color; of peace in action and the racism embedded in US policies of increased militarization over communities of color locally and around the world; and of environmental justice and the power imbalance between the nuclear industry and communities surrounding nuclear sites, where racist and classist profit motivations attempt to diminish and drown out local voices. We must continue building on the legacy of white people working in solidarity for racial justice. Join us in affirming that commitment in building toward new directions by taking action now.’

How You Can Take Action

  • Donate to Georgia WAND and help us move this crucial work forward – every dollar counts and we need your support immediately.
  • ATTEND: Rally in Atlanta for Justice for Trayvon National Day of Action, July 20

Join a rally and vigil in Atlanta as part of the Justice for Trayvon National Day of Action. The co-sponsors of the rally include Georgia WAND,    Coalition for the People’s Agenda, Urban League, Concerned Black Clergy, NAACP, SCLC, Regional Council of Churches of Metro Atlanta, and many more.

Saturday, July 20, 12 PM, Richard Russell Building (75 Spring St SW, Atlanta GA 30303)

Join with the Southern Movement Assembly and other partner organizations for a five-day Walk for Dignity from Jacksonville, Florida to Sanford, Florida to respond to the verdict in the Trayvon Martin trial. The Southern Movement Assembly invites people to join for the whole walk or at different points throughout. The Walk for Dignity will include walking 10-12 miles a day as well as caravanning between points for five days. There will be an assembly every evening and live video-streaming for the assemblies so that people can engage and connect to the Walk from all over the Southeast and the country.

For updates and more information about how to connect, visit southtosouth.org or email dignity@southtosouth.org anytime next week.

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