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Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund

Georgia WAND is thrilled to announce the renewal of the Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund!

Named for the powerful woman who has come to symbolize the heart and soul of Georgia WAND, this fund is imbued with Bobbie’s energy, passion, vision and commitment to justice—in her own backyard and throughout the world. In addition to her infectious energy and unique gift for engaging people from different backgrounds, Bobbie played a tremendous role in transforming Georgia WAND and building its financial stability. Her hard work both informed and staffed the vision of Georgia WAND.


A Bit of Background

bobbie wrenn redYears ago, we dreamed of taking what was then Atlanta WAND to the next level and created a fund to hire an executive director. Our supporters and donors rallied around this funding effort, which resulted in hiring Bobbie. With the help of strong board leadership, dedicated staff and widespread donor and community support, Bobbie guided Georgia WAND from a volunteer-led chapter into a quarter of a million dollar organization.

 You have supported Bobbie’s leadership as Georgia WAND has adapted and shifted our programming, and now we all must go deeper. The overarching goal of the Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund is to help us carry Bobbie’s innovative work forward; to sustain and expand our successes; and to find our growing edges. As envisioned by Bobbie and other forward-thinking women of WAND, we answer Bobbie’s call to raise all women’s voices in organizing for peace and justice.

The Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund has the following funding priorities:

1)     To fulfill Bobbie’s longstanding commitment to ridding the world of nuclear weapons. We will increase our Environmental Justice and Nuclear Weapons Policy work by heightening our focus on community organizing, public education, leadership development and movement building. This requires having a greater presence in and partnerships with communities affected by the nuclear industrial complex. How?

  • Providing dedicated and adequately compensated program staff and building a solid internship program
  • Organizing and funding opportunities for local residents to travel to Washington DC, raising marginalized voices in the decision making processes
  •  Funding next generation leadership development

Please contribute to The Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund. Help us nix the nukes!  


2)     To expand Bobbie’s vision of building bridges across diverse communities. Addressing injustice, especially in the south, means making a commitment to deep and often difficult work. As we continue evolving our unique and critical contribution in the struggle for peace and justice, we must center our work in the experiences and dreams of women, people of color, people with disabilities and chronic health issues, the economically disenfranchised and other marginalized people. Funding will allow us to be more explicit about those priorities in our activity and collaborations, advancing both our mission and our wins. We must invest in connecting the dots between environmental injustices, pentagon spending and the nuclear industrial complex—and begin seeing these fronts of struggle as human rights issues. How?

  • Funding new and transformative programming
  • Addressing frontline issues, focusing on capacity and creating institutional change
  • Being responsive to our community partners and showing up on the drop of a HAT

 Please contribute to The Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund. Help us connect the dots!


3)     To harness Bobbie’s insight of using a creative, artistic lens to drive and power our programming and organizing work. By utilizing all manner of artistic tools, and supporting inventive special events, we will continue reaching beyond the words of our work. Creating images, events, short films and other artistic media will result in engaging younger audiences, attracting press to our issues and bringing poignant and unconventional messages to seats of power. How?

  • Fueling innovative communication mechanisms that deliver the visual and visceral civic impact of this work and to summon the passion, power and people behind it
  • Acquiring new technological capacity to support film editing and production capability, smart phone utilization, graphic design training and software and support materials

Please contribute to The Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund. Help us power our work creatively!



Your contribution will allow to begin fulfilling these objectives immediately and we also plan to endow a significant  portion of the funds raised. Taking our cues from Bobbie and the actions that she modeled for Georgia WAND, this fund will increase our momentum and support as we continue marching toward peace, power and environmental justice. Something that is especially important to members is our strength in educating and courage in addressing the hard, unglamorous yet vital challenges of our world today.

As we increase our bandwidth, we challenge our donors to make a significant investment to help raise Georgia WAND to the next level. Your gift to the Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund will honor our past and advance the full measure of our mission.

 Please give at a level that reflects Bobbie’s inspiration in your life.


To participate as an initial donor to the fund, please submit a check to the “Georgia WAND Education Fund” with Bobbie Paul Legacy Fund in the memo line; then send it to Georgia WAND, 250 Georgia Avenue, Suite 202, Atlanta, GA 30312. You can also pay via credit card online by visiting networkforgood.org/GeorgiaWAND.


Bobbie Paul Living Legacy Fund Giving Levels

Visionary                           $20-$249 level

Bridge Builder                  $250-$749 level

Organizer*◊                      $750-$2,499 level

Demonstrator*◊                $2,500-$7,499 level

Peace Maker*◊                $7,500-$14,999 level

Inspirer*◊                         $15,000-$24,999 level

Dream Catcher*◊              $25,000+ level

*◊ Organizer and above giving Levels include an invitation to an intimate event with Bobbie at the home of Lucinda Bunnen. This early fall evening promises cocktails and a buffet, surrounded by changing leaves outside and changing art inside. For those able and interested, Lucinda would love to lead a 1-mile hike through the woods behind her home.

Again, please consider a generous gift—and give today to the Bobbie Paul Legacy Fund. Help Georgia WAND achieve the goals that Bobbie envisioned. Indeed, we cannot make this next step without your help.




Thank you for your support.


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