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Take action now for environmental monitoring in Georgia communities!


Communities living near contaminated sites have the right to know what’s in their food and water. For nearly a decade, Georgia communities near the Savannah River Site nuclear weapons complex, one of the most toxic facilities in the country, have gone without robust information about contaminants in their food and water due to lack of funding for environmental testing in Georgia.

This program is critically important for Georgians, especially those Georgia communities downwind and downstream of the Savannah River Site and we're so close to reinstating it.



The Savannah River Site Citizen's Advisory Board (SRS CAB)  will vote on whether to make environmental radiation monitoring for the Georgia communities a funding priority on Tuesday, January 18! The CAB needs to hear from Georgia residents who know this program is a high priority for advancing environmental justice in Georgia!

Join the Georgia WAND crew at the  Savannah River Site Citizen's Advisory Board Meeting!

The full SRS CAB will vote on the Georgia monitoring issue during their next meeting on January 27 and 28. Join Georgia WAND leaders from across the state to speak up in support of monitoring in our state! Rides from Atlanta and Waynesboro are being arranged.

January 27 and 28, Hilton Garden Inn, 1065 Stevens Creek Road, Augusta, GA 30907

For more information on the upcoming meetings or to carpool, contact the Georgia WAND office at 404-524-5999 or e-mail courtney@georgiawand.org.

Background: In 1993, DOE and the State of Georgia entered into an Agreement in Principle for this monitoring and emergency preparedness program. The Georgia monitoring program helped maintain transparency and trust from the communities neighboring SRS for about a decade.  In fall of 2003, DOE informed Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division their funding for this program would be terminated. Since that time, community members and organizations have worked diligently with the state of Georgia as well as DOE headquarters to reinstate funding for robust monitoring in Georgia. In 2010, DOE announced in a press release their intentions to offer the state of Georgia additional funds to resume their monitoring, testing and sampling program. As of the end of 2013, those funds have not been dispersed.


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