Georgia WAND at Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) Fall Meeting By Jumana Master

The Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (ANA) is a national nuclear watchdog of 30 member organizations that seeks to improve our nation’s mismanaged nuclear complex. Georgia WAND is a member of ANA, and Lindsay Harper, Jumana Master, and Cee’Cee’ Anderson are currently attending the ANA 2018 Fall Meeting in Boulder, Colorado.
From September 12th to 16th, members will be engaging in extensive discussion and planning around national nuclear harm reduction. Lindsay, Jumana, and Cee’Cee’ attended meetings with both the Green Pod, which seeks to reduce nuclear waste and promote cleanup, and the Peace Pod, which aims to decrease militarism and reduce the production of nuclear weapons. The Fall meeting also covered ANA Board elections, policy updates, facility and site issue updates, and initial planning for ANA DC Days: a grassroots lobbying initiative in to educate lawmakers about the need to focus on safe nuclear cleanup and stopping the production of nuclear weapons.
During a pod meeting, ANA received overwhelmingly good news that a National Wildlife Refuge attached to the local nuclear weapons site, Rocky Flats, would not be opening to the public on Saturday as planned–a major win that ANA played a large role in. Chris Allred, a educator and outreach coordinator for the Nuclear Guardianship Collective of Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center (RMPJC) described the moment by saying
“The room of bright people here became even brighter with the good news that Rocky Flats will remain closed to the public. It’s still setting in that this was an announcement from Ryan Zinke from the Department of the Interior. I’m so thankful to be here with everyone, who has so much passion and are such an inspiring group of people…and I know how hard everyone has worked on this issue, and to hear this news less than 24 hours before they planned to open it is just the exact thing we needed–we needed this statement to come in. And now that they’re not going to open it tomorrow, we’ve got a lot more time to organize and keep bringing up the issue.”
However, moments later, we received news that the decision had been reversed: Rocky Flats will, in fact, be opening to the public on Saturday, September 15th. While this was disappointing news to receive, ANA and Georgia WAND will continue to fight for the ban of nuclear sites for public use and to reduce nuclear harm in our country.
ANA members were interviewed regarding the Rocky Flats decisions on local Denver station, Channel 4 CBS Denver. To access the news story, click here.
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